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Last Name
Address # - Apart #
City State
Phone Fax
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Method of
Artist Title Catalogue # Format Qty. Price
How to order
1- Write the titles in the Order Form with its list prices. Its not necessary to write the Catalogues number.
2- Do the offered discount on the moving text at your left side, if corresponds.
3- Add the delivery cost.
4- Print the Form following the instructions.
5- Send the Form by mail with your payment.
If you are going to make a money transference, you could send us the Order Form by e-mail, avoiding steps 4 and 5.
Method of Payment ---}  On the name of Alberto Pablo Arce.
In Argentina: Out of Argentina
1- Money Order (From any Argentinean Mail Office)
2- Banks Order (From any Bank)
3- Cheque (Remember to add the Bank commission. Note that a commission may vary according to the place of origin, so, ask us for details)
4- Bank deposit in our Banco Rio account. In this case, ask for details via e-mail.
5- Cash against reception of your order ( Available after the third purchase, when you will be included on the Regular Client List)
1- Cheque in American Dollars from American Banks.
2- International Money Order (In American Dollars)
3- Money Transfer (via West Union or similar companies)
Subtotal ($)
Discount ($)
(if corresponds)
Subtotal ($)
Delivery Cost ($)
Subtotal ($)
Bank Commission ($)
(for cheques in Argentina)
Total $

Signature (If you print this form)

Print instructions: Simply make a click in the Printer Button of your browser. If you have any problem, please contact us via e-mail to: contacto@utopiarec.com